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The agonizing days of TV

Monday, 25 April 2016 by

Sometimes I wonder if we are on the brink of TV ads extinction. This made advertising agencies to change paths and protect their client’s investments. Believe it or not, this changes can be very lucrative, not just for advertisers but for the clients themselves. TV advertising once was powerful due to a number of people it


Sometimes clients or prospects recur to the double-edged method of DYI or Do It Yourself, as the fast and cheapest way to solve any problems they may face. You can find excellent resources that can tell you step by step on who to change a doorknob, change a spare tire, maybe even to repair some scratches

AdWords Ad Banner Templates

Wednesday, 10 February 2016 by

We know what a challenge it can be to create your banners for your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign. Here at The Urban Agency we have created some basic templates with the right name and sizes so you can ease the process of creating these banners. In order to have things more organized, we’ve named each and

Funny writing

While brainstorming with your clients and in a campaign, humour is essential. You should take a look at how to write and make something that potentially can be viral because of its fun factor. I cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of this process you are going to be walking a very thin line.

Detroit - The Urban Agency 2015

Scheduling your work is essential, but also having a research on the places you are going to visit is as essential as drinking water. In one of my road trips for photo